Vulpine Imperium

Security Error

There has been a security error, meaning that the way you have attempted to access The Vulpine Imperium is a way which is potentially dangerous to our security.


To fix this problem, go back to the Main Page and re-login. Should you continue to get this error, try upgrading your browser (in older browser versions, the way we know you are coming from a non-cheating source is not available, and therefore you get put here). If the problem persists, please contact the Ministers.

How is it dangerous?

In the Imperium, most things are done by forms, which send your data to other pages on the Imperium. In a few cases, hack pages could be constructed (though, because this page is here, they won't work) to send specific data to these forms, causing them to think that you had gained Gilders or other items, when in fact you had not. With this page here, the risk is eliminated.