Vulpine Imperium

Request Passcode

Game Name: .
Explanation of your need for a passcode (Please write about who might be using the same computer as you to login to VI and why):

Steps in getting a passcode

  1. Request A Passcode (Above)
  2. Wait for your request to be processed. At best, it will be done later in the day - more probably it will take 3-5 days. If you need it faster, IM Retto (zlopid) or send him an e-mail,
  3. Recieve your passcode by e-mail at the address you have specified.
  4. Sign up and enter it in as your "passcode" OR, if your account already exists, go to "Change User Information" and enter it as your "passcode"
  5. Enjoy the Vulpine Imperium!

Some notes on passcodes

If you do not have a passcode (different from a password), you will not be able to access your account on the same computer as another Vulpine Imperium Player. If you have a sibling or friends who login at your house to play, they will need a passcode to get on, and you will need a passcode to get on once they've gotten on.